Our Top 5 Micro Leaves

Micro Leaves are the first shoots grown from seeds and harvested at the cotyledon stage. Grown in less than 3 weeks, they are highly nutritious and add colour, texture and layers of flavour to food.

Dawndew Salad has been growing Micro Leaves for over 7 years and seen an increasing interest in these products. This is mainly due to their popularity among leading chefs, but also because the consumer is becoming more adventurous in the home. They challenge themselves to produce exciting and nutritious dishes using new and now readily available ingredients such as Micro Leaves.

Here are our 5 most popular Micro Leaves:


Micro Leek

A vibrant and colourful Micro Leaf with a powerful onion flavour and a hint of wild garlic and cucumber. The stems vary in shades from light to dark green with elegant husks on the tips. Micro Leek can be used as an onion or leek substitute and as an alternative to spring onion. It pairs well with egg, cheese, potato, fish, poultry and beef.

Micro Purple Radish

This Micro Leaf has a refreshing and fiery radish taste with nutty and sweet undertones. The clover shaped leaves are deep purple and green and the stems are strong and purple. Micro Purple Radish brings freshness, colour and texture to dishes with rich and earthy flavours. Use instead of sliced radish anywhere you would normally use radish. Micro Rambo Radish pairs well with avocado, cheese, cold meats, smoked salmon and chicken.

Micro Chilli Cress

Micro Chilli Cress has delicate pink stems with deep green leaves. This Micro Leaf is hot & spicy with a horseradish flavour. Use this Micro Leaf e to add a radish zing to steamed vegetables, bean or grain salads, soups, scrambled eggs and even sushi. You can also blend the Micro Leaf into salad dressings for a spicy twist or spread some soft cheese on toasted bread and top with Chilli Cress. This Micro Leaf is also a perfect garnish to a Roast Beef or a Pastrami sandwich.

Micro Coriander

Micro Green Coriander has fine green pointed leaves with some seed husks still present. It has an aromatic and distinct coriander taste, but without “the soapy taste”. Use this Micro Leaf as a finishing touch to dishes such as curries, soups and sauces. Micro Coriander is especially nice with spicy food and a must have for Asian Cuisine. It also goes well with Mexican and Fusion Food and ingredients such as  eggs, avocado, chicken, lamb, pork and sea food.

Micro Pak Choi

Micro Pak Choi has pretty, colourful green and purple clover shaped leaves. It is soft on the tongue but bursting with freshness. Toss this Micro Leaf into stir fries with fish, prawns or chicken and serve with egg noodles. The fresh green colour of Micro Pak Choi Leaf also makes it great as a garnish or a base to any salad.


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